What's the problem we are trying to solve? What is the right design, technology and how can we help?

It always starts with analysis and that's why we will need your cooperation.

We ask a number of detailed questions on the projects, benchmarks and your competitors.

We are here not only to build your websites - we are here to help build your business!  


Target customers-so-called Buying

Competitors-websites, Google Page Rank 

Industry- menus, subpages, texts, applications

Graphic Design-what is the best look for your site?


We design the menu of the website


We build the main page, all sub-pages and sections


Building all references structure


 Inserting model graphics


We pick the best graphic designs for your industry

We submit 3 options for you to choose


We develop your the best pick


We deliver the ready moodboard in 7 days


We implement the graphic design of the website

We send it to you for approval

We introduce the amendments-  up to 2 rounds 

Your site will be connected to Google and ranked.


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