We'll get it done.

The most important question in the whole development process is - what is the job that needs to be done? 


Usually the answer is - we need to increase sales. In order to do that we need to have clean User Experience (UX), which means well designed website/online store. Once that's done we need to promote our new business. We are doing that with Advanced Analytics gathering insights on consumer demographic and their preferences. This will further improve our UX and help save money on ad campaigns. It's all about the right tools for the job. 


Expensive apps are cool but not always the best way forward!



We are working with the best analytical tools available allowing for gathering data for re-marketing and precisely targeted ad campaigns. Saving you money and time. Delivering x4 Return on Investment (average ROI). 


Facebook and Instagram are easy to learn but hard to master. We would link your accounts with online store and take care of the media design using latest trends like carousel posts and non-standard formats to increase ER and CTR. 


Right  UX means right elements in right places, outstanding design and interactive calls to actions. We will integrate payments including credit cards, PayPal and set up 24/7 live chat so there's always be someone to welcome new customers. 


It's a competitive world out there and getting lost in Google can be frustrating. For starters - it is important to have all the metadata in place. Right titles and descriptions help, so do frequent updates and relevant content. Think newspaper or TV station - your brand needs to turn into daily broadcaster. 

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